Rules of the SPDX RTTY Contest 2018

  Sponsored by PZK,PKRVG
      Rules of the SPDX RTTY Contest 2018                                                          
  The SPDX RTTY Contest organized the Polish Radiovideography Club ( PK RVG )
          is held on the 4th full weekend of April. - ( 28/29  April 2018 ).

  1. Contest Period:   12.00 UTC Saturday , through 12.00 UTC Sunday.
  2. Bands:                 3,5 - 28 MHz without WARC bands.
  3. Mode:                  RTTY
  4. Classes:                 

    A.Single Operator, All Band , HP .
    B. Single Operator ,All Band , LP .
    C. Single  Operator , All Band , QRP (outside SP + SP) 
    D. Multi Operator, All Band , One Tx
    E. Multi Multi 
    F. SWL (outside SP + SP)
   G. SP  Single Op. All Band  , HP.

   H. SP Single Op. All Band  , LP .         
   I. SP Multi Op. All Band  One  Tx
  J. SP Multi Op. All Band , Multi Tx
  K.  Novice , Single Op ,All Band ( outside SP + SP )       

                    Single Operator means that all contest activities, station operating, logging and score keeping are performed by one person.  In addition, only one signal may be transmitted at any given time .
                     Multi-operator Single Transmitter  only , means that only one signal may be transmitted at any given time.
                     Multi-operator  Multi Transmitter  means  a maximum of five  transmitted  signals one per band , at any one time .Five  band  may be activated simultaneously. 

                   High Power  the maximum output power allowed by your license class.
                    Low Power   the  maximum output power is 100 W.
                    QRP  the maximum output power is 5 W .
                    Novice means SO plus who was hold license in the past three years .

  5. Message:
                Foreign station  send : RST & QSO Number. (599001)
               Polish station transmits : RST & one letters denoting the province (B,C,D,F,G,J,K,L,M,O,P,R,S,U,W,Z ).
  6. Points:

               QSO with own country 2 points
               QSO with other countries in own continent 5 points
               QSO with other continents 10 points.
  7. Multiplier:
               Each DXCC country and each different province ( max. 16 for each band ) count as a multiplier .
               Multiplier count only once on each band.
               Each continent QSO counts as a multiplier ( max. 6 ) of all bands.
  8. Scoring:
               ( Sum of QSO points ) x ( Sum of countries + sum of province ) x number of continents worked ( max. 6 ) = total score
  9. SWL:
                Polish and Foreign SWL’s  must log the callsign , signal report and exchange  sent by two station.
                Points , multiplier and scoring is the same as for transmitting stations.
                Both Polish stations and foreign stations  can only be logged once per band .
10. Contest Call :

                CQ SPDX  TEST for all station.
11. Awards:
                1st place plaque to top winner in all classes, 1st through 3rd place certificates, all classes.
                Note: Awards and plaque will be issued based on participation of 30 or more entries in each class. 
each participant will receive an occasional diploma sent by mail.
       The stations that will carry out minimum 100 QSO will receive occasional woodcarving.
       The station which will have the most QSOs will also receive a cup
                funded by the president of the PK RVG club -  Krzysztof sp2uuu
12. Results: 
The Contest Committed will send results to all stations who worked in the contest and submitted log.
13. Logs:
 CABRILLO is preferred format .Web upload is the preferred method of log submission!!!  Web upload of logs is available at   -    upload  .
                      Email submission is also available,  should be sent to  
The Cabrillo log should be attached  as a file, with your  callsign in the  “Subject:” line  of the  email.
Your output file should be named by your callsign, i.e. SP0AAA.CBR 
However as an exception all text format LOGs generated by other logging programs  may be used as check logs.
  A listing of logs received can be found at RCVD-logs .
14. Deadline:  All entries must be sent WITHIN FOURTEEN  (14) DAYS after the end of the contest: no later than 2359 UTC 14 May  2018. Resubmitting an entry after the deadline will result in it being considered as a late log.

15. Polish Province's (voivodeships) :
Z - zachodnio-pomorskie; F - pomorskie; J - warminsko-mazurskie; O - podlaskie; B - lubuskie; W - wielkopolskie; P - kujawsko-pomorskie;         R - mazowieckie; L - lubelskie; D - dolnoslaskie; U - opolskie; G - slaskie; C - lodzkie; M - malopolskie; S - swietokrzyskie; K - podkarpackie
Full results and rules of the SP RTTY Contest  can be seen at web :