Rules 30 Final WOSP

30 Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
  1. Name of the diploma: 30th WOSP Final
  2. Organizer: PK RVG and SP2YRY
  3. Activity period: 01/01/2022 - 02/28/2022
  4. Bands: KF, UHF, VHF
  5. Emissions: all types of emissions each counted separately
  6. Connectivity is scored on each band and on each mode. Repeated QSO are carried out on the same mode on the same band in the same year. Contacts from 2012 with WOSP are counted
  7. Points: Polish stations must score 30 points, EU - 15 points, DX - 10 points
  8. Stations: SN30WOSP and SP30WOSP - give 10 points, SN2WOSP - 5 points, and other stations with a surfix WOSP also give 5 points.
  9. Diploma available for SWL under these conditions
  10. Manager: SP2UUU
  11. Technical project manager: SP2LQP
  12. Confirmation of communication can be obtained by the PZK office or by LOTW
  13. The diploma is issued only in an electronic version, address for collecting the diploma
  14. Bonus: if you pay a donation to WOSP - it's a joker - replaces 10 points e-moneybox address: